OMOBiTO is neither a furniture store nor a tableware store, although it may be a furniture store or a tableware store on one side.
OMOBiTO is a company that designs LIVE (enjoying life).
Therefore, we stay close to our customers, sometimes listening to the makers and the places of production,
We support our customers to realize their LIVE without being bound by categories.


OMOBiTO has been promoting branding with a story, and in addition to that, we are taking on the challenge of LIVE DESIGN.
LDS connects all the things that are involved in LIVE DESIGN.
We will not only plan interiors and art, but also new construction, renovations, urban development, and community revitalization.


We offer curation services for private residences and public spaces, focusing on art and objects.
In addition to curation, we can respond to client requests for planting plans, interior design, and other services that incorporate the essence of the brand.
AMAHARE also coordinates tableware, cutlery, and gifts for restaurants, hotels, and other corporate clients.


OMOBiTO offers branding and marketing consulting services.
For foreign brands, we propose a story of introduction to Japan, including positioning in the domestic market, target setting, and organization building.
In Japan, we have also started to provide manufacturing support in production areas.