OMOBiTO is a word derived from the word "omobito," meaning "master," which is the main character of a house.

We believe that it is not "things" that are at the center of our lives, but "things" that are done by the "people" who live there as they live their lives.
We at OMOBiTO create a style of "live" (enjoy life) with our "masters" that grows with various lifestyles and life stages.


Our business domain is "Housing and Living.
The housing-related products and services we provide are the very essence of "everyday" living.
We want to bring smiles to people's faces by making their ordinary lives (LIFE) more vibrant (LIVE).
LIVE DESIGN is a term coined with the intention to weave a lively life while considering the meaning of life for each and every one of us.
OMOBiTO will expand its business domain as a company that designs LIVE.


Omobito jumps over various barriers to make your LIVE DESIGN better.
This means jumping over categories such as furniture stores and tableware stores, as well as concepts such as time and distance.
Omobito's products are used in daily life, for example, in the creation of homes and towns.
At the same time, we will strengthen our relationship with local communities and production areas, and create new venues for information dissemination.
And we will grow together with the people involved.


OMOBiTO's full-fledged start in the imported furniture business was triggered by an encounter with Paola Navone, an art director with many fans in Japan.
Paola hates to be called a designer and describes herself as an organizer who brings together beautiful things and creates new value.
We, OMOBiTO, too, aim to be organizers of daily life by searching for and collecting items that add color to our customers' lives, from small production areas in Japan to the finest products from around the world.